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Rejuvenate Therapy

Perfect V- Lift Therapy

The Perfect V- Lift facial shaping will provide faster result to rebuild your V- face shaping with non-invasive, pain free treatment. It stimulates your skin muscle layers to promote reduce double chin, wrinkle, anti-aging, tightening and wrinkle reduction.

Oxygen Infusion Face Therapy

Enhance your skin healthy condition and brightness by reducing the appearance of blemishes. The infusion of oxygen it helps the skin to create new cells at a faster rate. Beneficial for Oxygen Infusion also help skin increase blood circulation, detoxify, anti-oxygen, skin complexion balanced. Hydration, firming, tighten and sensitive irritations prevent.

Q-Swift Melasma Therapy

Q-Swift Melasma Therapy the latest technology which from KOREA. This therapy is a non-invasive procedure that uses beam of light as high-energy pulse to disintegrate melanin deposits. The laser is applied to remove any kind of scar or discoloration like acne spots, age spots, sun freckles. Furthermore, the laser promotes collagen growth underneath the skin. This results in firming and younger looking skin.


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